QNET's engineers write Pressure Equipment Advisory Technical File in compliance with 97/23/EC Directive
The European Directive 97/23/EC on Pressure Equipment covers equipment having a pressure PS greater than 0.5 bar.

The Pressure Equipment Advisory Technical File is written from the following documentation supplied by the manufacturer
  • A general description of the pressure equipment.
  • Whether the calculation or experimental design method has been adopted.
  • A copy of the main design code being adopted to demonstrate conformity using the calculation or experimental design approach.
  • Conceptual design and manufacturing drawings and diagrams of components and sub-assemblies.
  • Details of European approved materials used and materials data sheets.
  • A copy of the main welding code used to define weld strength and welding procedures.
  • Installation, operations and maintenance manuals.
  • Manufacturing procedures.
  • Hydraulic and non-destructive test methods.

  • QNET will review the documentation and advise the client if the equipment is subject to Module A only or if additional modules apply that require conformity assessment by a Notified Body.

The CE Marking services provided by QNET will:
  • Identify the EN Standards applicable to pressure equipment.
  • Develop a checklist of the essential safety requirements that apply to the equipment.
  • Perform a hazard analysis of the equipment to identify those which apply to this equipment on account of pressure.
  • Study the equipment documentation and comment on how compliance has been or may be achieved.
  • Identify simple engineering solutions where possible in case of required engineering changes.
  • Prepare a template Declaration of Conformity for use by the client listing the Directives and European Standards that have been used for compliance.

Caution:Once the Advisory Technical File has been converted into a final Technical File it is very similar to a Design Guide and is a valuable document that must held in the strictest confidence. Only a European Government Regulatory body has the authority to request and receive a copy of your complete Technical File.

Don't forget an Authorized Representative is needed for U.S. manufacturers exporting pressure equipment to Europe. QNET can assist as your EU Authorized Representative.

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